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We’ll be honest — we get a LOT of applications. We don’t hide what a great place this is to work. Our people are our best asset, and we only accept the best.

Perks & Benefits

We Trust You

It’s as simple as that. We hired you for a reason — you’re at the top of your field, and you don’t get there by being micromanaged. You got this. It’s up to us to empower you  — but ultimately your work will stand on its own. Do you. Hustle. Work hard. We trust you.

Awesome Clients

We’ve worked really hard over the past 2+ years to get where we are today. The result of that hard work? We are now in the fortunate position to be selective about what types of clients we take on. Therefore, we have an enviable roster of awesome clients that we love working with — and they love us back. Not only will you love who you’re working WITH, you’ll love who you’re working FOR.

Team Support

We support each other, laugh together, work hard and give and get lots of high-fives. It may sound corny, but we’re a family.

Unlimited Vacation Time

Yup, you read that correctly. Unlimited vacation time. Without proper vacation breaks, the health, happiness and imagination of our team suffers. The absence of down time leads to burn-out, poor engagement and lack of innovation. Our people are trusted, responsible, driven professionals; they aspire to travel, to explore, to fulfill hopes and dreams. They also truly love their work and arrive inspired to come to work every day — and part of that is taking time to recharge as needed. Freesponsibility.

We're hiring.

Current Openings

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

If this job opportunity sounds like you, we should chat. Click here to tell us about yourself. Make sure you include a cover letter that highlights why you want to work at Philech and your salary requirements.

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketer

Inbound marketing consultants at Philech have a critical role serving as the liaison between our clients and our production team. Our digital msrketers oversee all activities required to help our clients meet their goals. This means you’ll play a lead role in executing inbound digital marketing tactics that include blogging, email marketing,Social media marketing,Marketing automation,Link building, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization. Know Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint like a pro (and Google Docs/Sheets). We’d love it if you were comfortable with WordPress, too.

Creative Director

Client Partner

Philech takes design seriously, it’s the key differentiator in the ever evolving world of marketing, both inbound and outbound. We pride ourselves on beautiful aesthetics that match and elevate the brilliant strategies created by our team of seasoned marketers. Because of this, when we grow our design team we want people that push us forward with the kind of skill that makes us stop in our tracks and stare over your shoulder in awe.

Exceptional visual design abilities in both execution and direction are the keystones of this positions. Creative Directors are responsible for communicating with clients, identifying project goals and developing sound visual strategies that accomplish all client goals. Work with another creative director to lead a growing and talented team of senior level visual artists and developers. Technical proficiency is of equal value to visual acumen within this position. Candidates need to be capable of bringing their vision to life using the latest web technologies thru hands on execution and collaborative team direction.