Hey, I wanted to share with you all how I prepared for my brand photo shoot. As part of my rebrand I decided to have a brand photo shoot to add some professional personal branding images of Philech for my website and social media pages. I feel a brand is more than just your brand collateral, your logo, colour palette and your website. It should provide a personal experience into who you are and what you represent. A brand photo shoot should help communicate this, as well as showcase your brand style at all touch points. Having great brand photography helps immerse my audience into my story. Below are the five ways I prepared for what I can say was a fun and successful photo shoot.

1. My vision for the desired outcome

I first asked myself, what is the intention of my photo shoot? So I could ensure my photos achieved the desired result. The reason I wanted to have a new brand photo shoot was because I had recently rebranded my business and these photos are going to help to showcase my new brand and attract my ideal clients.

There should always be visual consistency at every brand touch point, so that your customers/ clients know that it’s you.

To start I created three new set of brand values, that I wanted my pictures to represent. These were:
1) Professional
2) Fun/ personality
3) Warm

I also sent these core brand values to my Photographer. So he knew exactly what I wanted to portray during my photo shoot.

It was important for me to spend some time to really get my head around my goals and exactly what I wanted to achieve with my brand photo shoot. This not only gave me the basis to plan a successful brand photo shoot, but it also gave me the ability to communicate my vision and goals to my Photographer. So he was on the same page and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve.

2. Where are my photos going to be used?


Identifying where my brand photos were going to be used helped me plan out the types of shots I needed. This ensured that I ended up with shots that fit within the specifications of various platforms. For example, I needed right and left wide shots for hero images on my website. So text could go on the centre of images, without covering. I also knew I needed both horizontal and vertical shots, wide shots and both coloured and white backdrops.

I considered the shots I needed for the below platforms:
• Website
• Blog posts
• Social media
• Sales pages
• Email newsletter

Other promotional content and brand collateral (business cards, digital products, guest blogs and features, promotions, etc.)

3. Styling and sourcing my props

Once I created my shot list, I started to buy props for the shoot (and to save money I used some things at home, a brand photo shoot is not cheap). I had already decided what props I needed in my shot list, so this became my shopping list. Having props that fit my brand style and colour palette helped to elevate my photos and make them recognisable to potential clients.

This helped make my brand cohesive.

4. Choosing a Photographer

I decided to hire a Photographer for my brand photo shoot. Purely to ensure my photos were of a high quality. I was investing my time and resources into a brand photo shoot, so it was important that I had a good Photographer that could bring my vision to life and help elevate my brand to the next level.

Research your Photographer before making a rushed decision. Just because they’re a good Photographer that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be good for you and your brand. Look at examples of their pictures on their website and social media. Is the style right for you? Luckily I knew a good Photographer who was actually also a Web Designer, so she knew/got exactly what I needed.

So there you have it, a well planned photo shoot ensured that I get images that I love and can use for many years to come.

If I can give you the main tip for having a successful photo shoot. I would say, create a visual style that tells your story in your images and that truly represents you and your brand.

Do you have a brand photo shoot coming up? Leave a comment or question below and I can give you some more pointers or simply cheer you on.


Philech Global LLC.

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